Rapid Execution Defense(RED)

  1. Hand to Hand Combat:

    Course is designed to protect our clients and our security personnel of any attack or intervene in any situation offensive or defensive

  2. Disarming Techniques:

    Course will teach disarming techniques that are designed from a base of martial arts of ninjutsu /jujutsu and krav maga. The techniques we use is to disarm and evade an attacker:

    A. Pistol

    B. Long gun

    C. Knife

  3. Client Safety Protection:

    Course is designed to manipulate our clients in case of any intent of harm in an effective way

  4. Knife Training:

    Course is designed with combat and rescue techniques based from tanto/jutsu/Japanese knife and U.S. Special Forces techniques

  5. Detention Techniques:

    These techniques are designed to maintain control of an attacker in an effective way

  6. Tactical Shooting:

    Advanced firearms techniques designed to simulate real world situations that you might encounter in a security role

  7. Self Defense:

    Weapon retention designed for the agent/guard to feel comfortable in the movement or intervention of any situation involving an attacker. You will know how to maintain control of your equipment against someone attempting to take it away.

  8. Evasive Driving:

    Course is designed to prepare agents to prevent and recover from any driving situations faster and more efficient as well as defend against taking fire and respond with equal force. You will also learn how to utilize vehicles as cover and concealment.

Executive Protection Course Rules:

  1. Know your limitations
  2. Maintain morals
  3. Keep a safe distance of 5 to 7 feet
  4. Maintain Professionalism with all clients
  5. Have a good attitude
  6. Good posture
  7. Conceal all equipment including firearm
  8. Drug free and Alcohol Free workplace
  9. Be aware of your surroundings
  10. Avoid any life threatening situations
  11. Continually train
  12. Familiarize yourself with client details
  13. Maintain client’s privacy
  14. Never violate rules or regulations